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Different decorative patterns have different functions

2020-07-27 / / 79

Different decorative patterns have different functions

As the only part of a car that is in contact with the ground, tires play an indispensable role in supporting the whole vehicle and the driving of the vehicle, and shoulder important responsibilities such as bearing, driving and braking.Today we will take a look at different patterns of tires have what kind of role.

The longitudinal decorative pattern

This kind of pattern tire has the characteristics of longitudinal continuity, good orientation and drainage, heat dissipation is better, high speed driving noise control effect is very good. The shortcoming is that the pattern direction is the same as the driving direction of the vehicle, and the inherent problem of insufficient grip leads to the reduction of vehicle braking and driving performance.

The lateral decorative pattern

The transverse pattern is the opposite of the longitudinal pattern. The contact surface with the ground is increased, and the grip is greatly improved, providing excellent braking force and traction. But also because of its larger contact area with the ground, this kind of tire has the disadvantages of high fuel consumption, large noise, easy to wear, and the transverse pattern is not conducive to drainage and heat dissipation.

The mixed decorative pattern

This type of tire can be said to be the most widely used car now, taking into account the advantages of both. At present, mixed pattern tires are widely used in most vehicles, the most extensive use of the scene.

The block decorative pattern

This type of tyre has excellent off-road capability and is excellent for both drainage and grip, making it ideal for rough roads. However, due to the large contact pressure, rolling resistance and poor vibration filtering effect, the block pattern is not suitable for driving on well-paved roads such as urban roads.

Above is our common tire pattern of a few kinds, different patterns for different places, have different performance.